“If you knew what I know about the power of giving, you would not let a single meal pass
without sharing it in some way”.


Giving back to the community is a fundamental practice of Yoga.

 A healthy community is a breeding ground for sensible minds which in return creates space for a healthier generation. As Yogis we can contribute to our community big or small, through sharing of any kind. Whether it is personal support to our family or friends, a gift of time and presence to people in need or many other forms of upliftment either materialistic, emotional or spiritual. 

Contribution is an essential part of Yogic practice, the positive energy we create has to be distributed in areas that are stagnant and in need of our time and awareness. Whatever this may mean to an individual.

Yoga Against Trafficking Campaign
Stop Human Trafficking

Himalayan Yoga Bliss for many years has been an active supporter of MARG (Mankind in Action for Rural Growth). MARG is a non-profit organisation registered under the Indian Society Registration Act of 1860 and with its project office in Darjeeling. Under the motto IGNITING SMILES and an active awareness campaign in communities, schools and various other mediums of education, it has been bringing light to people on the topics of combating human trafficking and child sexual abuse. 

Yoga Against Trafficking Attendees

Over the years MARG and thousands of its supporters have been able to support basic education to the underprivileged children through donations and charity, which has brought a meaning into the lives of the victims of such inhumane behavior. Since 2006, MARG has been able to reach the following mile stone.

  • 10,500 School have been and still are being children sensitized on human trafficking and child sexual abuse
  • 8000 individuals from various local community have been educated and made aware on it.
  • 500 representatives from various Tourism Industry sensitized and prepared to be alert on future cases.
  • 1540 Police officers sensitized from Darjeeling and surrounding local districts
  • 1200 individuals who are mentors like Teachers, religious leaders thoroughly briefed on various signs of Human trafficking an abuse.
  • 1150 College students educated and prepared for future awareness
  • 40 Anti Human Trafficking (Vigilance Club) Formed
  • 30 Human Traffickers and Child Sexual Abusers arrested
  • 350+ rescue of various kinds on Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse
  • 500+ victims have been given legal assistance and emotional support
  • 60 survivors reintegrated with their families.
  • 15 survivors benefitted rehabilitation.
  • 20 Home Investigation conducted on tips from individual made aware on such cases previously.
  • 15 complains lodged against possible perpetrators.
  • 300+ children being supported for their education.

Himalayan Yoga Bliss is currently working on to set up the WE Kitchen (Women Empowered Kitchen). This is the most recent initiative of MARG, where as a community we will be empowering vulnerable group of women, who are prone to trafficking or sexual exploitation and encourage them to be self-reliant. As part of the project such women will prepare food in the WE KITCHEN and distribute it as Tiffin to school teachers around the schools in Darjeeling. The money collected will be used to employ such women and create a financial base for them to carry on a life of normalcy. We have had positive response from some prime schools in Darjeeling and working on making this project a reality.