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“Consciousness in its full ecstatic play is Feminine” – Sonam

Divine Feminine is a 100-hour teacher training program on Sacred feminine for aspiring women to help start a journey into their undiscovered powerful spirit and tap into the wonders of being a woman.

Gayatri is a powerful vibrational sound erupting from the womb of the universe and taking various forms and shapes as she manifests herself into this earth. Reconnecting back to the purity of this dynamic matrix of energy in the form of Goddess is the core essence of this training.

Women dressed in sarees
Divine Meditation

This 10-day course explores womanhood through the various archetypes of Goddesses from the ancient Indian tradition and their significance in the daily lives of modern day collective feminine. Sonam will be initiating the true meaning of Goddess worship that predates thousands of years in ancient India and her powerful role as the source of awakening for spiritual seekers.

  During this intimate and energetic training we will take a journey into the story of every woman and explore subjects related to self-acceptance and doubt, deep seated body issues, sexuality, societal stereotyping and various topics on emotional intelligence. This is a journey into the intricate network of topics that comprises the fabric of our society; from the womb and fertility to myth, rituals, tradition and past traumas.

Tapping into our intrinsic nature of the sacred feminine, we will explore and investigate these worldly subjects through the ancient science, psyche and eyes of the Divine  Feminine. Together we will invoke the eternal Goddess within.


The Indian culture offers us a unique window into the worship of goddesses such as Devi, Shakti, Maa, Amma, all serving as names of the Divine Mother, an ancient tradition addressing cosmic energy through worldly form. She is known as the source of creation and the combined energy of the three forces of creation, preservation and destruction, also known as Trinity. For thousands of years in India various sacred texts, shlokas, mantras, meditation, chants and stories have been written to describe the beauty, power and purity of this divine force. And is the only country in the world where her worship and triumph still continues.

 These traits represent the various roles women have played since time immemorial as mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, lover that are mentioned in some of the greatest epics of India. Such ancient practices hold a practical meaning that describes the importance of energy, sound and vibration as part of our physical, mental and spiritual existences in this world. 


The Divine Feminine course is designed uniquely by the founder of Himalayan Yoga Bliss, Yogini Sonam. The course is the product of a rich and intricate life journey that brought Sonam to craft a program serving women who seek to rediscover their potential and empower their lives further. She says once a woman knows her true potential as Shakti, she then becomes the Light that no darkness can conquer.

Growing up in the heart of the Himalayas, Sonam lived near a big Durga Shakti temple and participated in annual rituals and celebration of the goddesses, forming experiences that served as a stepping stone towards her devotion and love for Mahashakti. Her mother, a devotee of the goddesses and a dedicated Bhakti Yogi herself, introduced her to the importance of daily mantras, chants, fasting rituals and the traditional worship of the Divine Feminine. Early on, these celebrations mostly served as a ritual for Sonam, until she fully comprehended the importance of these practices along with the metaphorical value of the various facets of the Divine Feminine, existing within every woman and its significance in the betterment of society today.

 A mature, stable feminine will help balance family issues related to identity, role, power, cultural conditioning, perceptions, repressed sexuality and gender resistance that’s prevalent within every culture, therefore leading to a collective change in the modern world.

As a dedicated devotee of the goddess, a sincere meditator and a rigorous student of yoga, Sonam has decided to bring these ancient practices in a simple, practical form. Through her powerful meditative techniques, this course comes to serve women seeking to rediscover their inner strength, ignite their feminine energy and its potential, and ultimately, lead a peaceful and purposeful life. 


The course syllabus covers a wide variety of topics and includes the study of ancient archetypes of Indian goddesses, the ten Mahavidayas of tantric goddesses and the importance of the divine Shakti in yoga and meditation. The teaching focuses on the morals and lessons of mythological stories that have impacted generations of women throughout history.

After the completion of the course, Sonam will also offer a powerful pilgrim tour to some selected Shakti Peeths in India to interested participants. This will be a final offering to Mother Devi after her 10 days Upasana.

Experiencing Divine Presence
Mantras & meditation - Indian Traditions

The course investigates thoroughly the cosmic duality of Shiva and Shakti along with the balance of the masculine & Feminine forces. These subjects will be theoretical foundation on which the study and practice of meditation, mantras, Shlokas and chants will follow. Sonam invites the participants to learn and explore the importance and significance of Kundalini energy and its role in understanding the true nature of Goddess.

As the course progresses you’ll be equipped with new and powerful tools to identify and dislodge the stagnant psychological mind with new found divine feminine qualities and experience the world through the eye of the eternal Goddess residing within You. The meditation techniques will assist you in shedding light on conditioned patterns of thought and behaviour as well as recover from past wounds, shadow and emotional pain. 

By completing the course you’ll be able to: 

– Lead Divine Feminine meditation workshops
– Organise women circles and initiate classes on Divine Feminine subjects 
 – Advance your practice by deepening your knowledge of ancient powerful mantras and its application in our lives. 
– Learn the various traditional methods of Shakti rituals and Devotion for self practise or share with your women circles to invoke and connect with the Goddess within.   


Accommodation & Food

 Accommodation is on a sharing basis with two people in each room and a private bathroom for each room. If desired, private rooms are available at an extra cost.

 All our training menu caters freshly prepared food with almost all ingredients made from scratch by a loving teams of chefs who love what they do. This includes a variety of smoothies, juices, salads, soups, delicious organic vegetarian food and healthy desserts in a Satvik inspired diet.

Our residential chef freshly prepares daily 3 meals catered with lots of love and attention. The menu is designed to be pure vegetarian, Ayurvedic and Satvik with a focus on using locally produced, organic where possible produce and ingredients. This is a new way to look at our food and develop an appreciation for the natural flavours nature has provided us in its complete simplicity and totality. Request for any gluten-free or with allergic problems related to a specific diet can be taken care of by the chef on arrival.

In Yogic philosophy, food is one of the primary sources through which we get the cosmic Prana or energy into our system. Our physical body is made of five elements; it’s the imbalance of these elements that causes disease in our body. Hence we carefully select what our trainees eat during the course, making every meal a delightful experience.


Location : Rishikesh , India

Date:          6th -15th Sept’ 21

Location : Rishikesh, India

Date:         4th – 13th Oct’ 21

*Food & Accommodation (twin sharing) included 

Foreigners dressed in saree meditation classes
Divine feminine

10 Days


100 Hours Divine Feminine course in India

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