100 Hours Tantric Divine Feminine Teacher Training | Goa, India


“Consciousness in its full ecstatic play is Feminine” – Sonam

Tantric Divine Feminine is a 100-hour teacher training program exploring Shakti or the sacred feminine power in its various forms and manifestations. This is a foundational training for aspiring women to help start a journey into their undiscovered powerful spirit and tap into the wonders of being a woman.

Gayatri is a powerful vibration in the form of sound erupting from the womb of the universe and taking various forms and shapes as she manifests herself into this earth. Ascending up our consciousness back to the purity of this dynamic matrix of energy in the form of Goddess is the core essence of this training.

This 11-days course explores womanhood through the various archetypes of Goddesses of Tantra from the ancient Indian tradition and their significance in the daily lives of modern day collective feminine or to be precise even masculine. Sonam will be transmitting and decoding the essence behind Goddess worship that predates thousands of years in the earlier practises of India and an important role that holds the key of awakening for seekers of Tantra yoga and various schools of spiritual philosophy.

  During this intimate training we will transform our awareness of ordinary reality and narratives of our daily experiences to shift our view and see the essence of Goddess in all these experiences. Together we will explore subjects related to self-acceptance and doubt, deep seated body issues, sexuality, lower emotions of bondage, societal stereotyping and transmute these patterns through our higher emotional intelligence. We will dive into some intricate topics that comprises the fabric of our society; from the womb and fertility to myth, rituals, tradition, past traumas and esoteric practises of classical Tantra, mantra and yantra.

Tapping into the divine matrix of the eternal Goddess, we will explore our own inner nature represented by the ancient esoteric science of  Shakta Tantra and Deity yoga to invoke these qualities that lays dormant within each one of us.


 Indian culture offers us a unique window into the worship of various archetypes of Goddesses with her various names such as Devi, Shakti, Maa, Amma and many others all serving as names of that conscious cosmic energy through which all forms have manifested. She is known as the source of creation and the combined energy of the three forces of creation, preservation and destruction, also known as Trinity.

For thousands of years in India various sacred texts, shlokas, mantras, meditation, chants and stories have been written to describe the beauty, power and pulsating life force of this playful conscious energy we know as Shakti. And the only country in the world where Goddess worship still holds an important place after the rise of Patriarchy.

As Upanishads mentions; “As is the microcosm, so is the macrocosm, as is the atom so is the universe, as is the human mind, so is the cosmic mind ”   the play of the eternal consciousness can be explored through the various sacrifices and roles women have played since time immemorial as a mother, daughter, wife, sister, friend, lover, warrior and women mystics lost in history without a trace.

Collectively we will heal the Feminine wound and embody our higher Goddess self through the grace of Divine mother.  


Tantric Divine Feminine course is a rich and powerful offering by the founder of Himalayan Yoga Bliss, Yogini Sonam. She believes that this course is the language of Goddess herself with her body and mind as the medium to channelise this ancient art to seekers who seek to rediscover their potential and renounce old conditions of our mind.

She says when we realise that we are the Gods and Goddesses in an embryo we exit from the worldly delusion of suffering.

Growing up in the heart of the Himalayas, Sonam has a rich traditional family background studying and practising the classical Tantra in the form of Goddess worship from her mother and Tantric Tibetan Buddhism from her grandmother. As a little girl she lived near a big Durga Shakti temple and participated in various daily and annual rituals of the goddesses, forming experiences that served as a stepping stone towards her devotion, Love and enquiry of  Mahashakti. Her mother, a devoted Bhakti Yogini of the Goddess, introduced her to the importance of daily mantras, chants, fasting rituals and the traditional worship of the Divine Feminine.

Early on, these celebrations mostly served as a ritual for Sonam, until she contemplated the esoteric mysticism of these practices along with the metaphorical value of the various facets of the Divine Feminine manifesting as this universe. Since then has been travelling to various Shakti peeths of high vibration in India studying, practising and researching this subject and in return sharing this dying tradition to seekers of Goddess Tantra.

 An empowered Feminine is the answer to bring clarity to the chaos and confusion we experience in the world today. A wise and stable feminine will help balance our society struggling with identity, role, power, cultural conditioning, perceptions, repressed sexuality and gender resistance that has deluded humans off our true inherit nature.

However before we reach that high level of awareness we need to practise, cognise and invoke the Goddess within. Sonam’s vision of this foundational Tantra Goddess training is to align our conditioned mind to the higher mind of Goddess nature and lift our ordinary awareness from the garb of limitations. This ultimate spiritual science will equip women with tools of higher wisdom seeking to rediscover their inner strength, ignite their spiritual fire and break the limitations of Ego and flower into our Goddess essence.


During the course we will explore a wide variety of topics from the classical Tantra yoga of Goddesses to the contemporary manifestation of sacred Feminine.

This first 11 days module will cover;  History of Shiva Shakti worship in ancient India, various archetypes of Divine Feminine and the study of Indian goddesses, worship of the transformational ten wisdom Mahavidyas of Tantric goddesses, Tantra and deity yoga using Tantra, mantra and yantra, rebirth of lost women mystics and Dakinis in ancient practises of Tantra and importance of Kundalini Shakti in Tantra yoga and meditation.

This course will be a combination of intense Sadhana, self exploration and celebration. After the completion of the course, Sonam will offer an optional pilgrim tour to some selected powerful Shakti Peeths in India to interested participants. This will be a final offering to the Para Mother Devi after her 11 days Upasana.

Experiencing Divine Presence
Mantras & meditation - Indian Traditions


 Sonam invites participants to observe the dance of consciousness and matter and learn the art of engaging in the material world while fully immersed in our spirits. This non dual attitude is the final goal of all Goddess Tantra practitioners and a fundamental witnessing into the true nature of Goddess.

As the course progresses you’ll be equipped with new and powerful tools to identify and dislodge the stagnant psychological mind with new found divine feminine qualities and experience the world through the eye of the eternal Goddess residing within each one of us. Various rituals and meditation techniques will assist you in shedding light on  patterns that are unaddressed and heal blockages from past wounds, shadow and emotional pain. 

By completing the course you’ll be able to : 

– Awaken the Goddess in you and lead Tantric Divine Feminine workshops
– Organise women circles and transformational healing classes on esoteric practises of Tantra wisdom Goddesses and Deity Yoga.
– Deepen your knowledge of classical Tantra through the tools of mantra and Yantra.
– Learn the various traditional methods of Shiva Shakti rituals and devotion to invoke the Goddess within.                                      


Accommodation & Food

We are offering this course in our beautiful new Tantraloka retreat centre in North Goa. The course is offered with a limited option of a full board food and accommodation package or without.Full board is offered on availability or first come first serve basis.

Currently we have rooms on a two person sharing basis and a shared dorms. However there are many beautiful places to stay around the retreat centre incase of unavailability.

During the course, we will serve freshly prepared home cooked Satvik ayurvedic food with almost all ingredients made from scratch by our loving teams of staff. Three delicious Satvik vegetarian food with herbal teas and fruits will be served daily.

The menu is designed to be pure vegetarian, Ayurvedic and Satvik with a focus on using locally produced produce where possible. This is a new way to look at our food and develop an appreciation for the natural flavours nature has provided us in its complete simplicity and totality. Request for any gluten-free or with allergic problems related to a specific diet can be taken care of by the chef on arrival.

In Yogic philosophy, food is one of the primary sources through which we get the cosmic Prana or energy into our system. Our physical body is made of five elements; it’s the imbalance of these elements that causes disease in our body. Hence we carefully select what our trainees eat during the course, making every meal a delightful experience.


Location :  TantraLoka Retreat centre,  Arambol Goa , India

Date:        11th – 21st  NOV ‘ 22

Date:        9th – 19th   DEC ‘ 22

Date:        13th – 24nd JAN ‘ 23

Foreigners dressed in saree meditation classes
Divine feminine

11 Days



  100 Hours Tantric Divine Feminine course 

                  *** Certified by Yoga Alliance ***

      Reserve your place-  € 250 

      €950 – private room / sharing basis

      € 700 – Shared dorms

       € 550 – Excluding food and accommodation

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