100 Hours Tantric Divine Feminine TTC


“Consciousness in its full ecstatic play is Feminine” – Sonam

Welcome to the 11-days Tantric Divine Feminine training, a transformative journey that explores the profound philosophy of ancient Indian Shakta Tantra and the sacred Divine Feminine. Throughout this course, we delve into the rich tapestry of the Goddess or Divine Feminine, focusing on the various archetypes of Indian Tantric Goddesses from the revered Shakta tradition. In this sacred journey, we pay homage to the Goddess and her divine manifestations, recognizing her as the ultimate source of creative energy and power. We invoke the significance of these Goddesses in our collective daily lives, connecting with their wisdom to awaken our inner potential.


Shakta Tantra has long recognized the divine presence of the Feminine as the embodiment of Shakti, the primordial cosmic force that sustains and propels the universe. Embracing the philosophy of Shakta Tantra, we understand that the Goddess permeates all aspects of existence, and her energies are intertwined with the cycles of life and nature. Throughout the LEVEL 1 training, we build a strong foundation in Shakta Tantra philosophy, diving into its profound teachings and practices. By engaging in ancient rituals, Mantra puja, Meditation, Deity Yoga, Temple dance, and the scientific philosophy of Jnana Yoga, we open ourselves to the transformative power of the Divine Feminine.


Guided by the practise and philosophy of classical Tantra, we explore profound subjects related to our existence, such as the interplay of self-acceptance, past traumas, and doubts. By delving into the depths of our psyche, we release deep-seated self-judgment, embrace our sexuality with reverence, and liberate ourselves from emotional bondage. We reflect on our habits and desires, recognizing their inherent sacredness, and channel these energies towards spiritual growth and self-realization. In moments of confusion, the wisdom of the Goddess becomes our guiding light, offering clarity and purpose on our path.


We unravel the myths, rituals, and traditions surrounding the Goddess, honouring the timeless wisdom passed down through generations. Drawing from the esoteric practices of classical Tantra, Mantra, and Yantra, we connect with the mystical realm of the Divine Feminine, uncovering hidden layers of consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. Join us on this transformative journey into the heart of Shakta Tantra, where we celebrate the eternal wisdom and power of the Goddess or Divine Feminine. Together, we integrate these profound teachings into our lives, nurturing our spiritual growth and awakening the dormant potential within us.


 Ancient Shakta Tantra, delves into the profound depths of the sacred Divine Feminine. It offers a unique exploration of diverse Goddess archetypes, including Devi, Shakti, Maa, and Amma, embodying cosmic forces responsible for creation, preservation, and revelation.

At the heart of this revered path, the Goddess takes centre stage, revealing her veiling power of MahaMaya as we reveal its secrets through ancient Tantric practices that ignite our inner divinity.

By invoking the daily archetypes like the Mahavidyas, we unravel the cosmic play of eternal consciousness, connecting with the timeless wisdom they hold. While honouring forgotten legacies of powerful women, mystics, Dakinis, Yoginis we heal the concealed Feminine wound, embracing higher powers through the grace of the Divine Mother.

Immerse on a transformative journey into the essence of Shakta Tantra, where the radiant presence of your inner Goddess awaits. Unlock your true self and embrace the boundless power of the Sacred Feminine, experiencing the profound magic that guides us on a path of spiritual evolution and self-discovery. Together we come in a union and unfold the timeless wisdom of the Divine Feminine and seek Her profound truth.


Tantric Divine Feminine course is a rich and powerful offering by the founder of Himalayan Yoga Bliss and TantraLoka Retreat centre, Yogini Sonam. She believes that she has been chosen  as a medium by the Divine Mother herself, to channelise this ancient practises to seekers, who seek to rediscover that beyond all the wounds, strength, experiences , narratives and stories they are the Goddess disguised to rediscover herself.

Sonam Yogini, hails from the heart of the Himalayas, where she was nurtured in the traditions of classical Tantra, Goddess worship, and Tantric Tibetan Buddhism, handed down through generations in her family. Guided by her mother and grandmother, she passionately pursued these mystical paths, delving into the profound teachings of Kashmir Shaivism, Shakta Tantra, and various Yogic practices. Her early years were blessed with living near a grand Durga Shakti temple, allowing her to actively engage in daily and annual goddess rituals, igniting a deep devotion and curiosity for the Divine Mother.

As she matured, the rituals that once seemed mere routines took on a new meaning when she contemplated the esoteric mysticism behind them. She began to grasp the metaphorical significance of the multifaceted Divine Feminine, intricately interwoven with the fabric of the cosmos. This realization ignited a spiritual quest that led her to explore the revered Shakti peeths across India, seeking wisdom from esteemed Gurus and masters. Along this transformative journey, mystical insights and profound symbolism from the Supreme Goddess enlivened her heart and soul, forever anchoring her in this sacred pursuit.

Sonam extends a gracious invitation to rise above the confines of tradition and recognize the Goddesses as reflections of our own divine essence, embodying their sacred qualities in our daily lives. By delving deeply into this profound subject, she believes that we transcend the limitations of the mind and unlock a world of enchantment and magic in every facet of existence.

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In this Level 1 module, we delve into the captivating history of Shakta Tantra and its diverse practices in ancient India. With reverence, we invoke the transformative power of the Dasa Mahavidyas, the wisdom Goddesses of Tantra, embracing rituals, mantras, Yantras, and meditation. Through this sacred journey, we also rediscover the wisdom of lost women mystics and Dakinis, decoding our own roles, stories, and experiences through these archetypes.

This mystical path of Shakti blends Bhakti devotion with profound self-analysis. The intense Sadhana intertwines with a celebration of our Feminine essence, bridging ancient teachings with a modern contemporary mind. Along this enlightening path, we embark on temple visits, immersing ourselves in the sacred energy. As a final offering to the Divine Mother Para Devi after her 11-day Upasana, Sonam extends an optional pilgrim tour to selected powerful Shakti Peeths in India, inviting interested participants to partake in this divine journey of devotion and self-discovery.


A Tantrika gracefully observes the dance of matter and consciousness, skillfully navigating the material world, yet ever immersed in the divine spirits. The hallmark of Shakta Tantra lies in its non-dual attitude, perceiving everything as a manifestation of the Goddess herself.

Embark on this transformative course, where you shall be equipped with potent tools to identify and release stagnant psychological patterns, embracing the empowering qualities of the Divine Feminine. Through the lens of the cosmic force, we transcend limitations and embrace the boundless Freedom of existence. Unlock the depths of your being, as you dance with the divine in this sacred journey of self-discovery and liberation.

On completing the course you’ll be able to :

  – Break the limitations of Maya and awaken the dormant Goddess within. 
 – Be empowered to organise Tantric Divine Feminine workshops, supported by the esoteric practises of Tantric wisdom Goddesses and Deity Yoga.
 – Organise analytical women circles and deepen your knowledge of classical Shakta Tantra supported by the science of various Mantras and Yantras.
 – Understand rituals and use it as a powerful tool beyond dogma to invoke and attune with the mysticism of your innate Shakti.                                      


Embrace the sacred journey of our upcoming 100 hours Tantric Divine Feminine Teachers training in the enchanting tropical havens of  GOA, and the majestic mountains of RISHIKESH.

Immerse yourself in the divine essence of these chosen locations, where the potent Shakti is invoked and released throughout the course. Discover the mystical beauty of each destination as you embark on a transformative experience of spiritual growth and awakening.

Enquire now to receive the link to our various sacred locations, and prepare to embark on a soul-stirring adventure that will leave you enriched and inspired. Join us in this blissful exploration of the Divine Feminine, where the essence of the universe unfolds in all its radiant glory.


Location :  TANTRALOKA RETREAT CENTRE |  Arambol GOA | India

Date:      19th – 29th  JAN ‘ 2024

Date:      19th – 29th  FEB ‘ 2024

Date:       22nd – 31st  MAR ‘ 2024

Date :     19th – 29th  APR’ 2024

LocationRishikesh | ***Dates to be announced***

11 Days



         100 Hours TANTRIC DIVINE FEMININE TTC –  LEVEL 1      

       *** Certified by Yoga Alliance continuing education program***

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       $ 550 – Only Course ( Excluding food and accommodation)

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