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Himalayan Yoga Bliss

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Yoga Teachers Training in India

Seek the Yogic path

through our Yoga Teacher's Training

from the mystical Himalayas to the idyllic beaches of tropical Goa

Himalayan Yoga Bliss

Yoga is not about self-improvement

it's about self-acceptance

- Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

Himalayan Yoga Bliss

Yoga - journey of the self,

through the self, to the self

- The Bhagavad Gita

Yoga Teachers Training in India

Master your breath

let the self be in bliss

contemplate on the sublime within you

Best Yoga School in India, Darjeeling

Do your practice

and all is coming

- Sri Pattabhi Jois

Yoga Teachers Training in Goa

It's never too late

to change your life!

- Yoga at Beach, Goa

Himalayan Yoga Bliss
Himalayan Yoga Bliss
Himalayan Yoga Bliss
Himalayan Yoga Bliss
Himalayan Yoga Bliss

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Himalayan Yoga Bliss is a 500 hours registered Yoga Teacher Training school affiliated to the prestigious Yoga Alliance. We are the first school of our kind to start Yoga Teacher training in India and Himalayas. Located in the beautiful mountains of the world famous tea growing town of Darjeeling, India. We offer internationally recognised residential Yoga Teacher training with a multi style exposure and immersion into traditional Hatha Yoga and its contemporary styles of the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa flow.

We are located in the lesser Himalayas being overlooked by the gorgeous, serene and awe inspiring Himalayan peaks of Kanchenjunga, the tallest mountain in India, also considered the tallest in the world for centuries. The beauty, serenity and climate of this place features the ideally suitable environment for the practice of Yoga, as Himalayas is considered to be the place where Yoga has originated. In our Yoga Teacher training in Himalayas our students can feel this authentic approach to Yogic practise and its philosophy.
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We offer 200 Hours Yoga Teacher's Training in the beautiful hills of Darjeeling, India, overlooking the majestic Himalayas. It is an extensive Yoga training program authorized by Yoga Alliance that runs over 4 weeks. The course is structured to trigger the passion of a yoga student to practice and teach others. It is a pleasant means to enhance your foundational base knowledge about yoga, awaken the teacher inherent in you and acquire a teaching certification that is internationally recognized. This course serves as a stepping stone to enter the vast profound knowledge and philosophy of Yoga. This intensive four weeks training is is filled with fun, enthusiasm and novelty with a modern approach. The course is purely designed to boost the physical and break the mental limitation of a student. The classes relatively vary from those that include advance physical postures to less intensive and more restorative sessions. We recommend and provide pure Satvik yogic food throughout the course, to keep the body and mind light, active and nourished.
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Our 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training in india Course is an extensive yoga program authorized by Yoga Alliance that runs over 6 weeks. It is a successive program of the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. You will undergo a 300 hours course further in order to acquire your 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course qualification.

The program is configured to advance your growth as both a yoga teacher as well as a practitioner. It is an intense and vigorous course that is structured to boost your yoga teaching career as you improve your understanding of various styles of Vinyasa yoga and their theories.
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We offer 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in the tranquil location of Goa, India. Here you will study in an environment that promotes concentration, inspiration, and excellence.Our Yoga Instructor Certification qualifies you to be a well trained Yoga Instructor with authorization by the prestigious Yoga Alliance. Our program extends over four weeks where our team will inspire your passion for Yoga while instilling the essential methods you will use as a successful teacher.

Here, what is often referred to as India's best yoga teacher training program, includes everything from advanced physical postures to help in overcoming your mental limitations. We help you discover the benefits of pure Satvik yogic food which we provide throughout the course. Between our highly trained Teachers, serene tropical location, and the optimized environment, you can expect to make rapid progress toward your goal of becoming a qualified yoga teacher.
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Yoga Articles

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga means 'Eight limbs or eight fold' path to liberation. However the modern day Ashtanga Vinyasa flow we practise is a contemporary physical form of Hatha yoga that has been put into a sequence and popularized by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois in the late 20th century and his yoga students, that is now taught in most of the Ashtanga yoga training worldwide.
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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is one of the various styles of yoga that we practise in most of the Yoga schools today. The speciality of vinyasa yoga is our deeper connection to our breathe "The Prana". This form of yoga has a widely known health and mental benefits to those who practice it regularly, as it stimulates all the parts of your body, your mind and your spirit.
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Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is one of the most sought after and chosen style of yoga in the world and that’s not all, hatha yoga has strong philosophy behind this and I will illustrate most of them in this post. Hatha yoga is composed of six parts but very less people know that and are only aware of the two which are asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath control), alongside that hatha yoga is the most common type of yoga in the world and one of the ancient, classical style too.
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200 Hours YTTC | South India, Goa
Himalayan YogaBliss

We offer 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in the tranquil location of Goa, South India. Students are able to see the dynamics of these two beautiful locations and experience the beauty of our Yoga teacher training program that have now been brought by our dynamic team to the beautiful beaches of south Goa, a serene and nourishing location of South India. Goa has long been considered a jewel of India, with our new school located a few minutes from Agonda beach, the best beach in India as voted by TripAdvisor. The opportunity to start our Yoga teacher training in Goa has been another added feather in hat for Himalayan Yoga Bliss. However it’s not just the location that is so special, we have teamed up with our local partner, the Blue Planet organic health cafe, a beautiful and innovative health food restaurant that has been at the forefront of the organic and vegan food movement in this area for many years. This has truly been a winning combination for our Yoga teacher training in Goa with the best of food and accommodation provided to our students. Our school boasts of this combination found none in any part of Goa especially at such reasonable price which is the core ethic of our program, to strive as the best by providing the best.

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