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200 Hours | Darjeeling, India

Evolve Your Practice

Here and now is where yoga begins” – The Yoga Sutras

We offer 200-hour yoga certification programs authorized by Yoga Alliance in the lap of the Himalayas. Whether you want to immerse in the yogic lifestyle, dream of teaching others using knowledge from ancient traditions, or desire to deepen your own understanding and practice – our 200-hour yoga certification programs provide a platform to make these dreams a reality.

The thorough and intensive course overlooking the majestic Himalayas, serves as a gateway to enter the yogic path and evolve as a practitioner.
Our curriculum is carefully structured to trigger the seed of passion inside a yoga practitioner, enhance your foundational base, awaken the inherent teacher in you and acquire a yoga teaching certification that is internationally recognized.

Darjeeling - "Queen of the Hills"

The Himalayan region of India is a place long associated with Buddhism, meditation and yoga, and is also believed to be the area where yoga originated.

Darjeeling is an enchanting and very popular hill-station in the beautiful Himalayas , also known as “queen of the hills”. It is famous for its lofty snow-capped mountains, UNESCO world heritage toy train and beautiful tea gardens. It derives its name from the Tibetan word “Dorjee-ling”, which means “place of the thunderbolt”. Darjeeling is also nested in an altitude of almost 7000ft and shares its border with Nepal in the west, and Bhutan in the east.

Darjeeling’s land inhabits a green slope with diverse varieties of flora and fauna including Rhododendrons, Orchids, Magnolias, different varieties of coniferous pines and ferns. The majestic views of India’s highest mountain, Kanchenjunga, is considered the tallest mountain in the world for centuries and has baffled travelers since time immemorial.

The serene beauty of the place allows for an intimate and meaningful encounter with nature, supporting the introspective journey of a yoga seeker. Learning and exploring yoga at Darjeeling will become a memorable part of your life as you’ll be exposed to a blend of Indian, Tibetan and Nepali cultures. A unique opportunity to explore a wide range of cultures and their relation to yoga in a single place.

What Can You Expect?

Our training is realistic and doesn’t promise to make you a guru in 4 weeks time. However, as one of the leading yoga certification programs worldwide, we guide you through a course that serves as an excellent stepping stone to enter the vast profound knowledge and philosophy of yoga. An intensive 4-week program that covers various aspects of yoga fundamentals and an exploration into transforming our weaknesses into our strengths and source of power.

The course is designed in a way as to not only serve the physical needs but also to break the mental limitations of our students. Our yoga teacher training includes advance physical postures to less intensive and more restorative sessions. During all our yoga certification programs, we introduce students to the various styles of Hatha yoga and its contemporary practices such as Ashtanga yoga and multi-styled themed Vinyasa flow. We focus on accurate alignment of these styles, cues on commands, physical and spiritual awareness of dynamic yoga postures.

Classical yoga philosophy of Patanjali Yoga Sutras is intertwined throughout the course. Introduction to many aspects of ancient and contemporary meditation, Pranayama breathing techniques, Ayurveda and its relationship with yoga, scientific benefits of Sanskrit mantra chanting, yoga mudras, Kriya inner cleansing techniques and various other elements that make yoga a complete practice. You will leave the course truly open with a new understanding of yoga, your ability to relate to this world, and most importantly, to yourself.

Our syllabus is carefully tailored to provide our students with the tools needed for teaching and deepening self-practice. Technical workshops will emphasize the more demanding and advanced postures along with a breakdown of various styles and a thorough introduction and immersion into its alignment and adjustments. These workshops are held and practiced to assess the progress being done in our everyday Asana practice session. The yogic Asanas are enjoyable and interactive with an opportunity to explore the limitations and intelligence of our physical body.


“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” – The Bhagavad Gita

Our course introduces teaching methods starting the second week. We provide our students with numerous opportunities to work on their stage fright, cues on commands, correct instruction, and knowledge of specific postures. At the end of each class, group feedback is given by teachers and students, pointing out their strengths and areas where they can improve. In the final week, students will design and deliver a full Vinyasa yoga class as part of their final exam, which will be guided by our teachers. We encourage creativity and imagination here. As ultimately, it will transform our students to develop fully as bright yoga teachers ready with all the tools and techniques to teach after the completion of our program.

Our yoga certification programs are specially designed to understand the student and help them nourish not only their physical ability but also their capacity to react to every situation with grace and yogic ethics instilled in them. Our course has been highly successful with most of our graduates teaching worldwide as successful yoga instructors and mentors. The course is based on the four paths of yoga, rediscovering the joys of learning and giving, following in the footsteps of our enlightened Gurus and masters.

Who Is The Course For?

You possess basic knowledge of yoga

You wish to acquire deep insight and understanding of yoga, its philosophy, anatomy, Pranayama, Ayurveda and the yogic diet

You would like to improve and go deeper into your personal practice

You desire to begin your path as a yoga teacher

You would like to inquire into your thinking patterns and gain tools for self-research and discovery

200 & 300 Hour Certification

Our courses are internationally recognized and provide a Yoga Alliance registered 200 & 300-hour certification – Yoga Teachers Training Course (YTTC). On the successful completion of the course, our students will be awarded a Yoga Alliance Certificate, which is recognized all over the world. This certificate allows every student to register themselves as a “Registered Yoga Teacher” (RYT).

Daily Schedule




Wake up and Get ready


Meditation & Satsang


Asana Practice


Breakfast Break


Asana Workshop


Teaching Techniques


Karma Yoga


Lunch Break


Yoga Philosophy/Sutras


Tea/Juice Break


Asana Practice

Accommodation & Food

At Himalayan Yoga Bliss Darjeeling, we provide stunning rooms in our newly built and refurbished accommodation. Accommodation is on a sharing basis with two people in each room and a private bathroom for each room. If desired, private rooms are available at an extra cost. The rooms are walking distance from the main Shala and overlook the beautiful Himalayan range of Kanchenjunga, considered to be the tallest mountain in the world until the turn of the 19th Century. 
At Himalayan Yoga Bliss, our residential chef freshly prepares daily 3 meals catered with lots of love and attention. The menu is designed to be pure vegetarian, Ayurvedic and Satvik with a focus on using locally produced, organic where possible produce and ingredients. This is a new way to look at our food and develop an appreciation for the natural flavors nature has provided us in its complete simplicity and totality. Request for any gluten-free or with allergic problems related to a specific diet can be taken care of by the chef on arrival.

In Yogic philosophy, food is one of the primary sources through which we get the cosmic Prana or energy into our system. Our physical body is made of five elements; it’s the imbalance of these elements that causes disease in our body. Hence we carefully select what our trainees eat during the course, making every meal a delightful experience.


200 Hours – NOVEMBER    1st – 26th’ 2019
200 Hours – APRIL               5th – 30th’ 2020
200 Hours – MAY                  4th – 29th’ 2020
200 Hours – JUNE                1st – 26th’ 2020
200 Hours – SEPTEMBER   1st – 26th’ 2020
200 Hours – OCTOBER       5th – 30th’ 2020
200 Hours – NOVEMBER    2nd – 27th’ 2020
100 Hours – NOVEMBER     1st – 15th  ‘ 2019
100 Hours – APRIL                1st – 15th  ‘ 2020
100 Hours – MAY                   1st – 15th  ‘ 2020
100 Hours – JUNE                 1st – 15th  ‘ 2020

4 Weeks

Course Fee

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course in Darjeeling.

Accommodation and Food included.

Certified by Yoga Alliance

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Total: €1500

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