" A Journey through the 7 Chakras , Kundalini activation codes and its specific Dakinis & Goddesses " - A Women's Only Retreat

Ignite your mystical Feminine wisdom with this powerful 5 days  TANTRA RETREAT immersion, where ancient traditions of Tantra merge with the exploration of 7 CHAKRAS of our Subtle Body.
Nestled in the serene embrace of the sacred Himalayan mountains, this retreat is offered at  HIMALAYAN SPIRITUAL CENTRE | DHARAMKOT, a safe and nurturing container for women, we will explore the magical mysteries of the Feminine! 

Led by an experienced Tantra Teacher, practitioner and Female mentor, SONAM VAJRAYOGINI, this journey is an immersion in the ancient wisdom of Tibetan Buddhist Tantra, as we explore the profound connection between the divine female forms, chakras, and the mystical beings known as Dakinis.


“ It's not your weakness you Fear but the mysteries of your untapped dormant POWER....The Time has arrived sisters! " - SONAM

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Retreat Highlights

Dakinis, revered as embodiments of enlightened energy in Tibetan Buddhism, are celestial beings that guide practitioners towards spiritual awakening. We’ll unravel the mysteries of these luminous beings and their profound significance in harnessing feminine energy
🌹 INVOKING subtle body CHAKRAS and their DAKINI Power :
In our journey through the chakras, the energy centers within the human body, we’ll explore the symbiotic relationship between each chakra and the corresponding Dakini. From the root chakra, where the fierce Dakini Vajrayogini resides, to the crown chakra, home to the ethereal Dakini Saraswati* , we’ll learn to activate and balance these centres to unlock our full potential and embrace our innate divinity.
🌹HIMALAYAS the HOME of the mystical Dakinis :
Dharamshala surrounded by the natural beauty and the chosen sacred land by profound masters is a powerful conducive space to embark on this inner journey towards enlightenment.
🌹 Ascension of KUNDALINI Shakti :
Central to our retreat is the awakening of the Kundalini energy, often depicted as a coiled serpent residing at the base of the spine. Through ancient Tantric practices, guided meditations, and Kundalini focused sessions, we’ll awaken this dormant energy From the base to the crown and harness its transformative power to elevate our consciousness and connect with the divine.
We will explore the history and similarity between the classical Shaivism and Buddhist Tantra. A deep dive into the ancient heritage and masters of Tibetan Buddhist and the Shaivite traditions . We’ll delve into a wealth of practices and rituals aimed at cultivating compassion, wisdom, and spiritual insight.
Together we will awaken our inner Dakinis, illuminate the pathways of our chakras, and embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary
🌹TANTRIC Embodiments Practices:
Exploring conscious touch, from dance, somatic practises to nourishing sensual healing, unlocking transformation and liberation.

🌹Sacred KULA of WOMEN: Feminine Group  activities, healing, sharing and holding space amidst nature’s embrace, birthing new connection and creativity within a sacred collective Kula of the sacred Feminine.

 And many more as we meet to receive….🌹


SONAM serves as the visionary force driving HIMALAYAN YOGA BLISS in India and TANTRALOKA RETREAT CENTRE in Goa. Her life’s purpose is deeply influenced by her heritage in Tantric Buddhist and Shakta Tantra lineages. As a Tantrika, Yogini, and avid student of Kashmir Shaivism, Tantric Buddhism, and Shakta Tantra works, Sonam shares her transformative teachings, weaving ancient spiritual sciences into the minds of the contemporary world.


Having embarked on pilgrimages and immersive learning experiences, certified in various schools of spiritual Indian philosophy and traditions, she draws guidance from living Masters and powerful Yoginis, both in physical form and beyond. Central to her practice is mysticism and surrender to the Unknown, aligned with the practical view of Tantra, where she finds guidance from powerful deities and formless forces, surpassing mere paper qualifications.


At the heart of Sonam’s mission is commitment to nurturing and resurrecting the feminine spirit, evident in her global Teacher Trainings empowering women to embody the sacred feminine. With over 400 graduates in Yoga, classical Tantra, and Divine Feminine works, and a growing community drawn to her transformative mission, Sonam invites individuals on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and awakening to their most authentic selves. .


You are interested to awaken the subtle body Chakras, tap into the Kundalini energy and invoke the Tantric codes of the wisdom Dakinis.

There is a calling to explore original classical Buddhist and Shaivite Tantra and its sacred ancient Temple arts

There is a desire to share, exchange and hold space in a nurturing sisterhood of powerful awakening women

You wish to join the collective rise of the mysticism, essence and embodiment of the much awaited Divine Feminine

Certificate of Participation

 On successful completion of retreat, all participants will receive a Yoga Alliance (YACEP) participation certificate.  

Daily Schedule




Wake up and Get ready


Meditation, Mantra & Tantric Embodiment practises




Dakinis codes & exploration of Tantric Buddhist and classical Tantra traditions of Kundalini


Lunch Break & Rest integration


Sharing circle & Tea Break


 Evening Tantra, Chakra and Kundalini Shakti Temple rituals

    19:30 -21:00

Dinner break & Sister gathering  celebrations

    21:30- 22:00



Lights off & Sleep


Deep rest


RETREAT Venue & Fees


This 5 days powerful immersion is being held in a safe and nurturing container, tucked in the divine mountains of DHARAMSHALA.

This is both a residential and non residential retreat catered to your individual choice and needs.


This 5 Days-4 Nights, Retreat will be held at Himalayan Spiritual centre, DHARAMKOT


 Starts – 12th JULY (Afternoon)

Ends: 16th JULY (Afternoon)

RETREAT only FEE = ₹21000


Single room Occupancy & 3 Vegetarian meals a day=

₹30000 ( Early bird – Until 12th June)

₹35000 – REGULAR price


Double sharing room Occupancy & 3 Vegetarian meals  a day =

₹27000 (Early bird – Until 12th June )

₹30000 – REGULAR price

Our full board prices are inclusive of all 3 vegetarian meal, on double/single occupancy basis for  5 Days & 4 nights

   *Pre interview for Registration required*

Contact: DHARMA –

     +918006402020 | +919064333137 |