Introduction to Tantric Divine Feminine

Catalyzing your Shaktipat

When Shakti steps in, Shiva steps back to watch the cosmic dance of her leela ” – Sonam

This Introductory  Tantric Divine Feminine course is an entrance to classical Shakta Tantra for Beginners, where we will explore Shakti the Universal matrix in her various forms and manifestations. This is a foundational training for aspiring practioners to enter the mysticism of Tantra where Goddess or the supreme play of consciousness takes her centre stage.

This 5-days course explores womanhood through the various archetypes of Tantric Goddesses  from the ancient Indian tradition and their presence in our daily lives. Decoding and resurrecting the essence behind ancient Goddess practises of Tantra, Mantra and Yantra that predates thousands of years as a Tantric practise in India and using Her supreme wisdom beyond dogma but as a tool to our spiritual evolution

Your journey into Tantric Divine Feminine

During this intimate training we will transform our awareness of ordinary reality and narratives of our daily experiences to shift our view and see the essence of Goddess in all these experiences.

Together we will explore the essence of Tantra and its various techniques to reflect on our vasanas or shadows that haunt us like over identifying with our ego, doubt, self judgement, fear, attachment, deep seated body issues, sexuality, societal stereotyping and so on.

Invoking the Tantric wisdom of the various archetypes of the Goddesses, we will reflect on these patterns and transmute it to Love. We will touch upon some intricate topics that comprise the fabric of our society; from the womb and fertility to myth, rituals, tradition, past traumas and esoteric practices of classical Tantra, mantra and yantra.

Tapping into the power of our own inner dormant Shakti, we will unfold and discover the master key to live, embody and be empowered as the Goddess herself.

“The Goddess doesn’t enter us from outside; she emerges from deep within. She is not held back by what happened in the past. She is conceived in consciousness, born in love, and nurtured by higher thinking."

Course Highlights

This 5 days Introduction will cover;  essence of classical Tantra of the Goddess, with Shiva Shakti in the centerstage of this practise,  we will explore various archetypes of Divine Feminine and the study of Indian goddesses, worship of the transformational wisdom Mahavidyas of Tantric goddesses, Tantra and deity yoga using Tantra, mantra and yantra, rebirth of lost women mystics and Dakinis in ancient practises of Tantra and importance of Kundalini Shakti in Tantra yoga and meditation.


– Build a foundation on Tantric Divine Feminine

-Unfold our psyche and patterns through emotional freedom rituals and Shakti dance

Decode the wisdom Goddesses and heal through their archetypes

– Experience transformational esoteric practises of Tantra wisdom Goddesses and Deity Yoga.
– Deepen your knowledge of classical Tantra through the tools of mantra and Yantra.
– Learn the various traditional methods of Shiva Shakti rituals and devotion to invoke the Goddess within.  


You feel a calling to tap into the world of Tantric wisdom Goddesses

You wish to awaken, heal and embody the Goddess within

There is a calling to explore the Classical Tantra of sacred Divine Feminine

There is a desire to lead Shakti workshops in future

You wish to enter the mystical realm of esoteric practises of Shakta tantra

Certificate of Participation

 On successful completion of this  Introductory course, all participants will be awarded a Yoga Alliance (YACEP) participation certificate.  This certificate is a foundation to our more elaborate 100 hours Tantric Divine Feminine LEVEL 1 Teacher’s training course.

Daily Schedule




Wake up and Get ready


Meditation & Mantra




Shakti workshop & Theory


Lunch Break & Rest integration


Sharing circle & Tea


 Shakti ritual & Mantra

    19:30 -21:00

Dinner break & Group celebrations

    21:30- 22:00



Lights off & Sleep


Deep rest


                                                                                                                    TANTRALOKA     RETREAT     CENTER       –      Arambol,     North GOA

This 5 days Introductory course is taking place every month in a beautiful Retreat centre tucked in one of the most sought after holistic destination of North Goa, surrounded by beautiful tropical Indian ocean.

This course is non residential. However rooms are available in and around the centre and can be booked separately. All rooms are on sharing basis and offered on first come first serve basis.

This beautiful place will be a powerful container for all our Shakti invocations, healing and realisations.

Please write to us for all our upcoming Introductory dates.


Course Fee - 21,000 INR
*** Pre Registration Required ***

Upcoming Dates
DEC 18-22 ' 2023 | JAN 12 - 16| FEB 9 - 13| MAR 8- 12| APR 5 - 9' 2024

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