“Your heart is the temple where the Divine resides” - Sonam


Meet Sonam, the visionary founder and director of Himalayan Yoga Bliss, India and TantraLoka Retreat Centre Goa. With an impressive legacy, she has nurtured and guided over 300 senior Yoga, Tantra and Meditation teachers across the globe. Her unswerving dedication to spiritual practice and her insatiable thirst for knowledge continue to drive her journey as a Tantrika, Teacher and a committed student of classical Tantra and Yoga. Currently, Sonam traverses the world, imparting the foundational wisdom of Yogic practices and philosophy to eager seekers.

Sonam’s origins lie in a family, where Vedic insights and ancient Tantra practices of Goddess worship are seamlessly intertwined. Her formative years were deeply immersed in the core tenets of Tantric Tibetan Buddhism and Shakta Tantra– a tapestry woven with Rituals, Japa meditation, Mantra chanting, and the heart-opening melodies of Bhakti Yoga. Thus, her teachings are a harmonious blend of Buddhist and Hindu philosophies, a testimony to her belief is one in their inherent unity. Over the years she has been deeply exploring, teaching and marinating in the Tantric works of Kashmir Shaivism and other classical sampradayas.

Her path was once threaded through the corporate world and traversed countless countries, revealing the interconnected fabric of human experiences, needs, and emotions across diverse cultures. As her explorations broadened her horizons, a profound realization dawned – her purpose was profound, rooted in sharing deeper wisdom. With this realization, Sonam returned to her roots in India, driven to offer ancient practices tailored to the contemporary mind. Thus, her life’s project, the radiant Himalayan Yoga Bliss and TantraLoka Retreat centre came into being – a conduit for these ancient traditions to be rekindled and carried forth for the benefit of all.

Owner - Himalayan Yoga Bliss