SONAM serves as the visionary force driving HIMALAYAN YOGA BLISS in India and TANTRALOKA RETREAT CENTRE in Goa. Her life’s purpose is deeply influenced by her heritage in Tantric Buddhist and Shakta Tantra lineages. As a Tantrika, Yogini, and avid student of Kashmir Shaivism, Tantric Buddhism, and Shakta Tantra works, Sonam shares her transformative teachings, weaving ancient spiritual sciences into the minds of the contemporary world.

Having embarked on pilgrimages and immersive learning experiences, certified in various schools of spiritual Indian philosophy and traditions, she draws guidance from living Masters and powerful Yoginis, both in physical form and beyond. Central to her practice is mysticism and surrender to the Unknown, aligned with the practical view of Tantra, where she finds guidance from powerful deities and formless forces, surpassing mere paper qualifications.

At the heart of Sonam’s mission is commitment to nurturing and resurrecting the feminine spirit, evident in her global Teacher Trainings empowering women to embody the sacred feminine. With over 400 graduates in Yoga, classical Tantra, and Divine Feminine works, and a growing community drawn to her transformative mission, Sonam invites individuals on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and awakening to their most authentic selves. .

Owner - Himalayan Yoga Bliss