“Yoga is a technique of infinite expansion. Don't let the limitiation of your mind interrupt your evolution” - Sonam


Sonam is the founder and director of Himalayan Yoga Bliss. Over the years she has trained more than 300 senior yoga and meditation teachers worldwide, and continues to be a devout spiritual practitioner and rigorous student of yoga. Currently she travels and teaches the knowledge of Yoga and its philosophy worldwide.

Sonam was born into a family of Buddhist practitioners, along with a strong foundation into the ancient Indian insights of Vedic and Advaita vedanta teachings. Her early childhood was deeply rooted into the core practise of Tibetan Buddhism and the ethics of Yogic philosophy such as Yamas and Niyamas , Mantra chanting, Shakti rituals of traditional Tantra and an in depth practise of Bhakti Yoga with various techniques of Vipassana and Japa meditation. Hence her teachings are a distillation of the core understanding of both Buddhist and Hindu philosophy.

Her early path continued working in big corporations and extensively traveling in numerous countries, exploring different cultures, behaviours where she understood the interrelated similarity of every human experience and emotions. After years of exploration abroad she knew her purpose was much deeper. Sonam returned to India with an intention to deliver the ancient art of Yoga in a way most conducive to contemporary minds and began her life’s project – Himalayan Yoga Bliss