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Yoga is the lost science of the soul. We’re on a mission to rediscover it.

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Himalayan Yoga Bliss is a yoga teacher training center designed to support and educate yoga teachers in their journey to become more creative, balanced and willing individuals. Our yoga training syllabus bridges the traditional and contemporary methodologies of this ancient art with the purpose of creating a global community of inspiring yoga teachers.

The organization was founded in 2014 by Yogini Sonam and is affiliated to the prestigious Yoga Alliance; expanding on its teachings, and modernizing the practice.   

We offer internationally recognized residential Yoga Teacher training with a multi-style exposure and immersion into traditional Hatha Yoga and its contemporary styles, popularly the primary series of Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa flow.

Our courses take place in small groups amidst the stunning landscapes of the Himalayan mountains of Darjeeling and Kalimpong India, along with our sister-school located on the beautiful beaches of Goa in the south.

Our graduates are teaching worldwide as accomplished yoga teachers working in esteemed institutions or have had the privilege of starting their own studios. With the yogic seeds embedded in them, our students are developing into their full potential and contributing to the evolution of the global yoga community.


Sonam is the founder and director of Himalayan Yoga Bliss. Over the years she has trained more than 300 senior yoga and meditation teachers worldwide, and continues to be a devout spiritual practitioner and rigorous student of yoga. Currently she travels and teaches the knowledge of Yoga and its philosophy worldwide.

Sonam was born into a Buddhist family, with the pillars of her childhood deeply rooted into core Yogic philosophy such as Mantra chanting, rituals, the ancient art of Vipassana and Japa meditation. Her early path continued working in big corporations and extensively traveling in numerous countries, exploring different cultures, behaviours and understood the interrelated similarity of every human experience and emotions. After years of exploration abroad she knew her purpose was much deeper. Sonam returned to India with an intention to deliver the ancient art of Yoga in a way most conducive to modern minds and began her life’s project – Himalayan Yoga Bliss

“The practice of yoga is limitless. Don’t let the interference of your mind limit your experience” – Sonam