Mantras & Meditation Teachers Training Course

100 Hours | Switzerland, Darjeeling & Goa, India

Deepen Your Practice

“ Meditation is the constant observation of your mind”- Swami Sivananda 

We offer 100-hour meditation teacher training programs designed for people who want to share the art of meditation and its benefits with the world. The course is a thorough and highly supplementing program for existing yoga teachers, holistic coaches, spiritual guides, and practitioners seeking to deepen their practice via uniquely designed meditation workshops.

Experience and explore the deeper state of meditation and become a certified meditation trainer; acquiring techniques and investigating the psychology behind mantras, chants, and yogic philosophy.

What Can You Expect?

Although very flexible in body, we often struggle with the rigidity of our minds. It is, in fact, the most challenging practice and reflects in our everyday life affecting behaviors and decision-making. This course is designed to be the jewel in the crown of every seeker curious to understand and practice meditation in depth. We will be covering the ancient and contemporary techniques of meditation and mantra chanting, their subtle effects on the human mind, psychology, and energy system.

You will learn guided, active, and passive forms of meditations from all source of Tibetan, Sufi, Vedantic, Zen, and the ancient Vigyan Bhairav traditions. The course explores various natural elements such as the full moon, the five meditation elements, light and color meditation, and chakra meditation. The training educates the participants on how to hold a class/workshop, how to create group energy, and how to motivate people to meditate. This type of comprehensive meditation training will help you attain calmness and impart a sense of peace to your personal life as well as your practice.

Meditation has been such an intricate part of our existence — every human consciousness, whether knowingly or unknowingly, is seeking the path into meditation. Thus the sutra “SUKHAM STHIRAM ASANAM”comes to work with the untamed body to finally sit still in meditation for a prolonged period. The highest goal of every Yogi is to sit in meditation.

“Meditation is to dive all the way within, beyond thought, to the source of thought and pure consciousness. It enlarges the container, every time you transcend. When you come out, you come out refreshed, filled with energy and enthusiasm for life.” -David Lynch

Who Is The Course For?

You desire to connect deeper with your yoga practice through breath and concentration

You desire to begin your path as a meditation teacher

You would like to study mantras and chants as mediums for reaching inner peace and equanimity

You would like to inquire into your thinking patterns and gain tools for self-research and discovery

The program includes:

  • Meditation and mantra techniques and their effects on mind, psychology, emotions, and subtle spiritual body chakras.
  • Various types of ancient and contemporary meditation techniques. Thorough understanding and immersion into meditation. What is meditation and what is NOT meditation.
  • Ancient Yoga philosophy from various texts, spiritual masters, Sutras, and schools of thought.
  • Working with the 3 bodies and 5 sheaths through chants and breath works.
  • Introduction to Chakras and Kundalini energy.
  • Guided steps to design and conduct meditation classes and workshops. Backstage aspects to create group energy, motivate people, and business ethics.
  • How to organize and hold 1 day or more meditation workshops.

Accommodation & Food

At Himalayan Yoga Bliss Darjeeling, we provide stunning rooms in our newly built and refurbished accommodation. Accommodation is on a sharing basis with two people in each room and a private bathroom for each room. If desired, private rooms are available at an extra cost. The rooms are walking distance from the main Shala and overlook the beautiful Himalayan range of Kanchenjunga, considered to be the tallest mountain in the world until the turn of the 19th Century. 

At Himalayan Yoga Bliss, our residential chef freshly prepares daily 3 meals catered with lots of love and attention. The menu is designed to be pure vegetarian, Ayurvedic and Satvik with a focus on using locally produced, organic where possible produce and ingredients. This is a new way to look at our food and develop an appreciation for the natural flavors nature has provided us in its complete simplicity and totality. Request for any gluten-free or with allergic problems related to a specific diet can be taken care of by the chef on arrival. In Yogic philosophy, food is one of the primary sources through which we get the cosmic Prana or energy into our system. Our physical body is made of five elements; it’s the imbalance of these elements that causes disease in our body. Hence we carefully select what our trainees eat during the course, making every meal a delightful experience.

Location : Darjeeling
Date .       : MAR 2nd – 11th 2020
Location : Kalimpong
Date .       : MAY 11th – 20th 2020
Date .       : JUN 15th -20th 2020
Location : Switzerland
Date .       : JUL 5th – 12th 2020
Location : Goa
Date .       : NOV 9th – 18th 2020
Group Meditation

10 Days

Course Fee

100 Hours Mantras & Meditation Course 

Accommodation and Food included. 

( Except for Switzerland)

Certified by Yoga Alliance

Book your seat for € 250 

Darjeeling        €800
Kalimpong       €950

Goa                        €950 

Switzerland  €1200 

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