Various levels of Yoga Teacher Training and other certification programs

Various levels of Yoga Teacher Training and other certification programs

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If you’re on your journey to becoming a certified yoga teacher, at some point, your path will lead you to a yoga teacher training course (YTTC). But how do you choose the right program for you? What are the differences between 100 hours and 200/300 hours programs? And most importantly — why choose India for your training?

Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga certification programs are a unique form of training combining an immersive residential experience with skill acquisition, teaching methodologies, and theory. Above all, the programs are a vehicle for self-discovery and spiritual growth. These programs are carefully designed according to international standards of yoga education.

The largest nonprofit association representing the yoga community is the prestigious Yoga Alliance®. The organization provides the framework in which leading yoga schools conduct their courses and certify teachers. All certifications follow rigorous standards of excellence and adherence to yoga philosophies.

Course Levels

The courses providing the fundamentals for yoga teaching have 3 distinct modules: the 100 hours, 200 hours and 300 hours YTTCs.

The 100 hours teacher training course is the first unit of the education required to become a certified yoga instructor. It is meant mostly for individuals who desire to explore and deepen their own practice but does not suffice to begin teaching. The course introduces the students to the fundamentals of yoga anatomy, asanas (yoga poses) and core yoga philosophies

Following in its footsteps is the 200 hours teacher training course. The most common training necessary to become a certified yoga alliance teacher. The course covers the syllabus taught in the 100 hours course, but also, prepares you to begin your path as a yoga teacher. It introduces multiple techniques, simulations, and exposure to dynamic situations. The course is ideal for anyone eager to start their path as a yoga teacher, delve into their practice, and challenge their comfort zone.

Lastly, we have the 300 hours teacher training course also known as the second level program. As a rule, only graduates of the 200 hours course can apply and advance to the next module of teaching. As it builds upon the syllabus of the previous course, the 300 hours’ curriculum expands on the understanding of the asanas, yoga anatomy, and complex yoga philosophies. Therefore, it’s the perfect platform for yoga seekers aspiring to reach mastery of their craft and become conduits for others on their journey.

“Yoga means addition — addition of energy, strength, and beauty to body, mind, and soul.” — Amit Ray

So how do we choose the program that’s right for us?

Himalayan Yoga Bliss

At Himalayan Yoga Bliss we offer a variety of courses, training, and retreats for practitioners of all levels.

When deciding on which course to apply to, we recommend considering the following: what is your current level in yoga? Are you a beginner looking to advance their practice? Or, are you an advanced practitioner ready to transition into teaching? Consider the number of years you’ve been practicing, the inclination to teach, and of course, your desire and passion for yoga. We recommend watching our testimonials on the Home Page to get a sense of what you’re about to experience.

Unique Yoga Training Programs in India

At Himalayan Yoga Bliss, we developed complementary programs designed to expand on the topics of meditation, mantras, and divine femininity. These programs are built and delivered by our founder, Yogini Sonam.

Our Mantras & Meditation course is a comprehensive 100-hour meditation program for individuals who wish to share the art of meditation and its benefits with the world. The course is a supplementing program for existing yoga teachers, holistic coaches, and practitioners seeking to deepen their practice with uniquely designed meditation workshops.

Our Divine Feminine course is a 10-day program that explores the various archetypes of goddesses from the ancient Indian tradition and their significance in our modern lives. The training covers subjects related to self-acceptance, body issues, sexuality, societal stereotyping, and emotional intelligence. This is a journey into the intricate network of topics that comprises the fabric of our society; from the womb and fertility to myth, rituals, tradition and past traumas.

Land of Yoga & Spiritual Seekers

When choosing a yoga teacher training course, one of the main factors to consider is the location. Although yoga teaching is widespread and offered across the globe, it has its roots and heritage in the country that is synonymous with yoga and spirituality.

India is the birthplace of yoga and the country that introduced yoga teaching to the world during the early 1900s. It is widely known among the global yoga community as a paradise for yoga practitioners and spiritual seekers. If you’re looking to discover your inner treasures and cultivate the tools to harness them, India can be your ultimate training grounds.

At Himalayan Yoga Bliss, you get the opportunity to study in India’s most stunning locations: the Himalayan mountains and the beaches of Goa. Each of the places offers a deep connection with nature along with a reach cultural heritage. As a result, our students enjoy the perfect environments to develop their practice while immersed in the ancient origins of yoga. From the breathtaking mountains to the vivid and alive jungles, India inspires yoga practitioners to embark on a path of discovery and self-mastery.

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